Why go on a retreat?

Why go on retreat?

I’m so excited to announce that I will be hosting a retreat in Morocco in November 2018.

I went with my trusty retreat team to recce the astounding country with a mission to find the perfect location to retreat to…and that we did.

In a lovely area on the coast of Morocco, nestled far enough away from various other yoga centers, surf camps etc, we found a gem in Tikida Gold Palace.

A truly nourishing, rejuvenating, warming, peaceful place of magic that felt like we were coming home every time we re-visited.

Obviously I would love as many as my yogis to join me as possible, but understand a retreat is a big investment, and perhaps something quite unfamiliar to someone new to yoga.

But let me tell you this now, it is an investment that is worth every single penny. It is an opportunity for you to switch off from your busy daily lives, come away from your emails, your watsapp groups, your facebook profiles. It is an opportunity to release your responsibilities as a parent perhaps, a colleague, boss, friend, child, caregiver, party animal etc. It’s an invitation to strip away any ‘story’ or ‘label’ you may be giving yourself and just be you, and just be slow and just be still…

Now I hear you say:

‘But I could go on holiday with my girlfriends for the same price….!?’

It is SO much more than a holiday, because all of the yoga, the relaxation, the meditation and the healthy food on offer allow your mind and body to truly detox. And how important is it for us to detox once in a while? Especially as we live in such a crazy, busy, disconnected world!

The amount of holidays I have been on where I have spent a FORTUNE on basically eating and drink my way through the destination and then come home feeling like a need another one! Now don’t get me wrong these have their place and are very fun too, but it is a true investment to go on a retreat. It is a gift to you, from you, because you love, honour and respect yourself.

Now, another thing I am pre-empting is the anxiety around whether you can do a retreat as a beginner yogi. The answer is YES, YES AND YES!! It is probably more beneficial because you are going to learn so much about the practice and come away with such a deep understanding of it. And what a fabulous way that is to begin your journey as a yogi.

Of course advanced yogis or even teachers are welcome too, as everyone will reap benefits.

To summarise, I’ve done many retreats in my quarter century with various teachers and in various countries, both as a complete novice and as a teacher.

Every single one left me feeling completely and utterly FULL. Full of life, of love for myself and others, full of patience, peace, understanding, acceptance, inspiration. You cannot put a price on that.

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