“I can’t thank you enough for what you have done for me … I can’t really explain it in words; it’s just a feeling .. certain people come in to your life and touch your ❤” Sarah. 

“Yoga with Gracie was the constant; each class left me feeling grounded, strong and calm. She goes beyond the flow, my strength and flexibility, sense of inner calm and self-love has improved so much through Gracie’s teaching, Thank you Gracie for changing my life.” Beth.

“If I was writing a letter to my younger 20 something self I would say  ‘practice yoga with Gracie now’ and this is why……When travelling I try to get to a yoga class and haven’t yet met a teacher as good as Gracie. I may be biased as Gracie is now a friend but it’s true; every city should have a Gracie. I am not alone in thinking this as her classes are full of all ages and experience levels.” Sam.

“Grace combines the magic of increasing your flexibility and relaxation in her teaching, and it has been transformative for me.” Jules.

I’m using Yoga as a tool to live THINK and MOVE gracefully in MIND and BODY.
I teach Vinyasa, Hatha and Yin yoga, but remain an absolute beginner in the practice. Always learning, always curious, always thirsty for more knowledge…

For me yoga is a deep exploration of the very beautiful body that you have been blessed with, it’s a doorway to awareness and acceptance of YOU and who you REALLY ARE.

It’s a journey of self-love…

I’m on the journey….and I want you to join me <3



Following an unbelievable and life changing experience in Costa Rica last year I set up Graceful Mind and Body.

I went to Exeter University studied Psychology and Marketing and then spent a year in the beauty industry, but I knew this was not what I wanted to continue doing.

Is this really it? Is this really what I worked my blood, sweat and guts for at school and university these 22 years!!
No! I wanted more, I wanted to find my greater purpose and what I was truly meant to do with my life.

So, an incredibly close person to me in my life presented the idea of doing a yoga teacher training course with her and I VERY SPONTANEOUSLY booked on, knowing the absolute minimum possible about yoga. At school I was always a high achieving athlete: a hockey player, tennis player and runner. But when it came to yoga I was absolutely terrible – by far the least flexible person possible! But the training set such a good foundation for me to continue to learn and develop my practice.

So through lots and lots of practice and persistence, yoga has not only completely changed my BODY, allowing me to DO things and FEEL THINGS that I would never have imagined, it’s helped me so much with my MIND, and I am determined to share yoga with as many people as possible.

So JOIN ME on this journey 🙂
I have been teaching for 3 years. My classes tend to vary, but mainly they are flow based, experimenting with different poses and movements to build strength, length, and balance each week. We focus on the importance of stretching, breathing and relaxation, and I incorporate Thai Yoga massage, beautiful smelling essential oils with chilled music.

All levels are catered for, so whether you want to develop your practice or simply unwind at the end of a long day – come and cultivate a graceful MIND and BODY with me.

Graceful Mind and Body x


Weekly Classes

I rent a lovely little hall in Long Ditton (10 minutes from Thames Ditton Station and 10 minutes from Surbiton Station) 2 x per week.
It has a really warm and relaxing feeling to it, making it a safe and comfortable environment to practice – whether your are a beginner or more advanced yogi.
For more information please contact me.

“Wow – an excellent balance of challenge/zen.”

Gracie – you were made to do because you commanded the room so well. And then thank God if I do ever train myself I will have the ultimate yogi guru to mentor me.”

“That was utterly heavenly, Gracie you really are a very special yoga teacher.”

“Gracie has introduced me to a whole new world. I never thought I would say this but I am a yoga addict!!”

“The classes are really fun, it’s the high point of my week!”

Private Classes
I offer private classes, where I will work through with you on a more intimate basis. Together, we will create a programme to help reach your goals.

“I have been recovering from an acute nerve illness that caused me to lose nerve function and fine motors in my hands, feet, arms and face. At my most ill I was unable to walk and feared that I may never be able to work again. I lost a huge amount of muscle through atrophy caused by the the lack of nerve function. I was recommended yoga as a way to gently gain control of my muscles and build strength. Whilst I had managed to learn basic movements using YouTube videos, I needed the advice, coaching and assistance of a yoga teacher 1:1 and in preference to a large class with normal people. I discovered Gracie and I am so pleased I did. Gracie’s coaching of poses, breathing, stretching and strengthening has been fantastic. What impresses me the most is how Gracie listens to how I am on the day and tailors the practice to me perfectly. She knows exactly what positions will benefit me the most. Gracie is calm, patient, kind and lovely to spend time with. She builds my confidence, encourages me and challenges me all in ways that by the end of the practice leave me feeling a better version of me.

Boutique Classes

I work in various fabulous boutique style venues in Surrey and London – there’s nothing like a bit of yoga in style.

The Sky Garden, London
For 1 year I led the Sunrise Yoga classes to anything from 40-80 people in the beautiful Walkie Talkie building in London.

The Mandarin Oriental Hotel
“As soon as you take your first deep breath to the final Namaste, you know you are in good hands with Gracie. She is a kind and attentive teacher and although I am a complete beginner at Yoga and with just a few lessons under my belt, I am hooked and have improved my flexibility. I leave her class at the Mandarin Oriental feeling longer, leaner and walking on air.”

The 225 Club, Cobham
“Gracie has been teaching here at The 225 Club for 6 months now and we cannot fault her as a member of the team or on her teaching skills.
Her Candlelit Yoga classes are challenging, yet relaxing and her hands on and supportive approach makes you feel like you really have had a work out but feel refreshed too!”

Corporate Yoga

I offer corporate yoga to offices based in Surrey and London. They can be held before work, during the lunch hour or after work – whatever works best for you and your employees. Examples of offices:

Anne Scott PR Agency
“Grace’s experience and mastery of her craft are immediately evident in the way she teaches our after-work classes. She creates such a relaxing and special atmosphere and her genuine commitment to helping us progress and relax is inspiring”.

Russell Cooke Solicitors
“Grace teaches a very varied series of exercises that are not the same each week. She provides alternative poses for people who are not as flexible as others and helps everyone to achieve the best position for their ability. I always leave her class feeling relaxed and positive.”

London Stock Exchange Building for Wellness London

Th2 Designs

Thai Yoga Massage
I offer Thai Yoga Massage to my clients. It is 45 minutes of heavenly relaxation, done in the comfort of your own home or of course, mine.  I work on your whole body, from every single toe and finger to the crown of your head. I work on special points in the body to relieve tension. There is also deep assisted stretching to improve blood circulation and flexibility

It is an utterly magical, delicious indulgence. So go on…treat yourself!!

Contact me for more information & to book on.

“Never had a Thai yoga massage before … Booked in with Gracie … And was so pleasantly surprised how different it was to any other massage I have had …. Felt so therapeutic and relaxing for the mind and body … I seriously cannot recommend this treatment enough …” Sarah Wright.

“Gracie is a skilled practitioner of Thai yoga massage. After completing a yoga class, it feels wonderfully calming and restorative to receive a massage treatment. Gracie is in tune with my niggles and instinctively knows where my knots are and how much pressure to apply to aid my recovery. She makes sure I take time to consolidate my practice and I find the day after a Thai massage, my aches and pains have gone.”

Weekly Schedule

I am currently spreading my wings and exploring the world, learning and diving deeper into my yoga practice…
My weekly hall classes are still going ahead in Long Ditton, covered by my beautiful yogi bestie.


7.30 – 8.30 pm | Weekly Vinyasa Flow | Long Ditton Village Hall

Please contact me to book in or for more information.


Telephone: 07921578939

Email: info@gracefulmindandbody.co.uk

Instagram: @gracefulmindandbody

Facebook: @gracefulmindandbody